journalist [!]

Carmela Guaglianone is enrolled in the joint Global Journalism and International Relations Program. She is what some call curious and others call nosey. She likes to learn, but writes instead. Sometimes, on lucky days, she gets to do both. She’s from Arizona, which everyone will tell you is hot, but no one will mention is also dusty. It is, however, a dry heat. She attended Duke University in North Carolina, where she studied such a hodgepodge of things that her diploma read with the all grace of a terms and conditions agreement: Linguistics, Decision Sciences, and International Comparative Studies, with a concentration in Europe. She retreated west after graduation, spending some time innovating at a start-up in San Francisco, then realizing shortly after that there wasn’t enough of an appetite for word-play in the tech industry to keep her ticking. She returned to type at The San Francisco Examiner, where she currently works with the digital team.