Work Experience


 Pathbreaker Inc., San Francisco, CA Chief Marketing Officer
 - Chief storyteller and media strategist for an emerging travel start-up.
 - Coordinate social media channels by creating and implementing content such   
 as blogs, posts, and videos. 
 - Create digital and print advertising campaigns  
 and design audiences. 
 - Manage outreach and external communications to 
 establish partnerships, ambassadorships, and brand affiliations. 

OCTOBER 2020 - MAY 2021
 Duke University Press, Durham, NC Journals Production Worker
 - Perform production tasks such as data input, format review, 
 and manuscript checks.
 - Review copyright agreements and run reports on word count, 
 DOIs and related production aspects. 

FEBRUARY 2020 - MAY 2021
 9th Street Journal, Durham, NC Contributor
 - Write and edit features pieces for this local publication 
 emphasizing community voice. 

SEPTEMBER 2018 - MAY 2021
 Duke Standard, Durham, NC Production Editor
 - Contributor and executive member of the Duke based 
 arts magazine, photograph and coordinate photoshoots.
 - Curate content conducive to our brand identity.

 National Association for Civil Victims of War, Rome, IT Editor
 - Editing the translations of the organizations Atlas of Wars and 
 - Grammar and syntax based editing on Italian to English translated 

 Temple Rome Culture and Identity Envoy, Rome, IT Ambassador
 - Attending cultural events and reflecting through blog posts 
 and photographs. 
 - Contemplating and discussing the experience of marginalized 
 communities abroad.

JUNE 2018 - MAY 2021
 Photographer, Durham, NC Freelance
 - Optimizing event spaces to best capture experience of individuals. 
 - Creatively directing shoots for clients.

MAY 2019 - AUGUST 2019
 Kurbo by WW, San Francisco, CA Marketing and Digital Media Intern 
 - Wrote and edited blog posts to generate SEO and connect with consumers.
 - Listened and contributed ideas in marketing meetings regarding 
 business to consumer affairs as well as business to business interactions.
 - Managed and generated social media presence.

 Motivated Cognition & Aging Brain Lab, Durham, NC Research Intern 
 - Reading and discussing new and pertinent research articles in the field.
 - Assisting and observing lab experiments; documenting lab observations 
 and creating lab reports.

SEPTEMBER 2017 - JULY 2018
 DukeEngage, Durham,NC Communications Intern
 - Generating web content, including social media posts and news articles 
 adhering to theme and image standards.
 - Performing website maintenance tasks.

AUGUST 2017 - JANUARY 2018
 El Sistema USA & Duke, Durham,NC Bass Connections Research Intern 
 - Reviewing results and mechanisms of previously used El Sistema 
 census tool.
 - Adjusting necessary aspects of census to facilitate more effective 
 data collection.

AUGUST 2015 - MAY 2017
 Neuroscience Lab, Arizona State University Research Intern
 - Reading and discussing new and pertinent research articles in the field.
 - Assisting and observing lab experiments; documenting lab observations
 and creating lab reports.

SUMMERS 2014- 2017
 City of Tempe, Aquatics Lifeguard & Swim Instructor 
 - Monitoring patrons in the pool area and enforcing pool rules; identifying 
 and remedying safety hazards; administering first aid.
 - Instructing and assisting with swim lessons, creating lesson plans for 
 various levels of swimming experience.

AUGUST 2016 - MAY 2016
 Arizona Democratic Party, Tempe, AZ Field Organizer
 - Recruiting volunteers; organizing teams and events and 
 strategizing volunteer efforts.
 - Registering voters and canvassing for candidates.

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